Early September Thoughts…..

Thinking About Where My Love Of Creating Music/Film Is Taking Me.. I Asked God For A Sign And He Gave Me A Message ON A Bottle… – Kita Love

I started jotting down a few thoughts a week or so ago about myself and my life so far. Somehow, what I was writing turned into a post!! I may as well put this site to use and share it…right?

Here it goes;

Let’s be real.. The past month & a half has been like watching an entire city crumble before my eyes. One thing after the other. Its astonishing more than anything. I’ve been able to step back & be amazed. & I *wink*, keep a *smile* on my face, & step over the rubble b/c I don’t forget that God always has a better plan than I do! Also, the there are things that have been going great as well! No matter the stormy weather, I definitely have to appreciate my victories…

You see, its the chaos that makes life beautiful!! Embrace it! Invite chaos in for dinner! Send it a family newsletter when its been gone for too long!
For without chaos, appreciating the greatness of life would be impossible!!

Life is a lot like snowdays. 
There’s this horrible blizzard, everything is buried under snow, everyone was able to rush to the supermarket before you got out of work the day before so now all you have is the left over non-namebrand cans of pea’s & carrots medley, 1 gallon of supermarket brand water, and tuna.
Next day, school’s are closed. MTA isn’t running, so you’re off from work, the moment you get bored of all the board games you go have an epic snow fight. & all great snow fights turn into a group effort to build a makeshift snow hill and get as many cardboard boxes, crates, etc as you can to use as a makeshift sled. To then run home & warm up with a movie, hot chocolate, comforters/quilts, etc. 

If all were perfect & beautiful, then life’s perfection & beauty will be nothing short of just plain ol’ ordinary. & who the heck wants ordinary?!?!

Do what you want, but not at the expense of others. Find something to laugh about when you’re sad enough to cry, & enjoy life enough to laugh to tears. Laugh at yourself, you’re frikkin’ HILARIOUS! Don’t be a doormat, but don’t be naturally defensive & standoffish. & if you refuse help, don’t claim no one is there for you or hate/blame those who you feel should be helping you. No matter how many years you’ve known someone, you never really fully know them until you witness what they’re capable of during their bad times. When you truly love someone, you don’t stop loving them during the bad moments. Celebrate the little victories because there’s so many of them and because its good practice for when it leads to the huge victory. Be yourself, no one can do it better. Don’t EVER lend your money to people that only contact you when they need something no matter how good friends you were in the past. & life is a never ending learning session! No matter what the age, there’s always something to learn, there’s always a life lesson! Evolve, change, grow, challenge yourself, & don’t be afraid of what that entails, embrace it!


Those are some of the things I’ve learned over the past 12 years. (No I’m not 12 lol)… Feel free to comment & share what you’ve learned so far..

Thanks for reading ;^)


Living With HIV – Wayne Starks & Igor Sobolev Share Their Story

Contracting HIV/AIDS is a serious issue that effects us all across the world. Wayne Starks from NYC & Igor Sobolev from Estonia, with the help of BBC World Service, share their stories, relate and express their desire for more people to be tested.

I have met people that have contracted HIV/AIDS through drug use, a cheating spouse ((which is usually unexpected))
, a sex partner they felt they could trust, child birth, etc… &, like a broken record, they all believed it couldn’t happen to them..

Despite what U may believe, another similarity between them is that they are able to lead happy and productive lives. I cannot begin to imagine the ignorance they face on a daily basis. I know how much it hurts Me when someone says something ignorant because it reminds Me of the people I love that live with HIV/AIDS. I pray for the day people take the initiative to be properly educated before opening their mouths to speak on the topic..

Click the link below & listen to their discussion..

GET TESTED!!! Ignorance would lead people to believe that HIV/AIDS is limited to gay men, third world countries, African Americans and IV drug abusers. But reality should help U understand that it can happen to anyone..

Love 😉