Monica’s Album “New Life” Reviewed By A.L. BURGOS

Album: New Life
Artist: Monica
Release Date: April 10th 2012

The music industry has been on a downfall when it comes to R&B. All the greats from the early 90’s have disappeared and we been left with mediocre R&B artists. When an artist returns with an album we expect something amazing from them. Monica is about to release her new album “New Life” on Tuesday April 10th. All classic R&B fans and Monica fans are excited!

Monica was so well known in the 90’s. She released her first album “Miss Thang” in 1995 and it established her as a force to be reckoned with. Three years later, she released her second album “The Boy is mine” and it showed us that the little girl who first came out 3 years prior was all grown up. 2003 saw the release of her third album “After The Storm”. The album was critically acclaimed and spawned so many hits. Monica showed us she was here to stay. When you have so much success there comes a time when you fall and fail. “The Makings of me” was a album that failed to generate with audiences as well as her last album “Still Standing.” It seemed like her fans had given up on her. Now its two years later from her last album and “New Life” is about to hit the stores! Is it worth the buy? Here’s what I think:

With so many push backs her new album is finally almost here! The album comes in standard (12 songs) and deluxe (16 songs). The first official single off the album “It all belongs to me” features her old “The Boy is mine” partner Brandy. The song I feel is a continuation to “The boy is mine”. Instead of them fighting over the same man this time they are saying good bye to the scum bag who used them. “I know you’re mad/ Can’t take no more/ But put that back, that ain’t yours/ Have a fit, slam the door, But leave them bags on the floor/ That shit belongs to me/ Those clothes, those cars, those rings//
Yeah, that macbook, that shit belongs to me/ So log off your facebook/ It all belongs to me,” Monica and Brandy croon. Their voices have matured and they sing so beautifully together alternating verses and singing the chorus together.

“Daddy’s Good Girl” is an amazing song! Here she sings about a man loving her the way a man is suppose to. Monica sings, “Shopping sprees might make me smile for now but what about later?” As long as he is there then she will be “Daddy’s Good Girl” and she wont run the streets. Just tell her you love her and she will hold you down. I bet all you ladies felt like this before.

There is that old saying “What do you give someone who has everything?” Well Monica tackles that question in her song “Man Who Has Everything”. Monica came up with the answer and it is a simple one: LOVE…Her man has everything that money can buy but all he really needs is love from her… “You deserve to love someone who’s gonna love you back…cause even a man who has everything still needs something money cant buy.” This song is pure R&B from the beat to her voice. Love this song!

“Big Mistake” is a song that’ll hit home for everyone and I know it. The beat is so mellow and sweet, and her voice glides through the song with ease. She talks about a man that took up so much of her life for nothing. He was just scum and she wasted her time. “Make no mistake… you wont be my mistake no more” she tells him. This song will make people think about someone that they once loved and then realized that it was a huge mistake. I know I did! I needed this song!

“Take a chance” features Wale and it is a nice song. Nothing special but it does its job with pleasuring your ears. You know when you talk to someone new that they did things in their past and may have broke some hearts, but you want to take a chance and see what happens because it may be different with you. Wale is a great addition to the song. They actually work nice together.

The next few songs are all ballads and some of them work “Without you” and “Amazing”. They are both such beautiful songs that are sung with such passion that it hits your heart and makes you feel so warm inside! “Until its gone” is a great song about losing someone and not knowing they were great until they are gone. The last two songs on the album throw me off track. “Cry” and “Time to move on” feel so out of place and weird to me. “Cry” makes me want to cry and not in a good way, Lol! It just hurts me to listen to it! Like stop singing this song pleaseeeee!!!!! “Time to move on” is a okay song but the whole choir in the chorus throws me off and some what pisses me off. I just dont get it.

So as I listen to the album I feel that this is a great cohesive R&B album with great beats, great vocals, and great lyrics. It could have had a better ending to the album but I cant complain cause its only two songs I dont like here. So overall Monica is back and has returned to her roots of great R&B music! MAYBE R&B ISN’T DYING AFTER ALL!!!

4 out of 5 stars (PS this is my review for the standard edition not the deluxe so I dont know how the extra 4 songs are. I will update this once I hear the other songs)