Just Experimenting

Last night, I was asked to join a few friends for a quiet night out to celebrate a birthday. I wanted to take that opportunity to try out a few long exposure techniques I’ve been trying.

DSC02025 (2) DSC02023 (2)As you can see, I started out taking a few shots to see the differences between adjusting the shutter speed to one second, a minute, etc. Since I’m not a statue, I was hoping to also gauge how still I’d have to be if I wanted to take long exposure photographs without having to carry around my tripod (carrying around the tripod I have is farrrrr from ideal when meeting friends for a night out lol).
DSC02063 (2)

After a great time with amazing people, I went my separate way and decided to take a few shots. Besides the occasional group of cars, the streets were relatively empty last night. So I took this shot before going into the train.

DSC02068 (2)While waiting for the train, I finally worked up the nerve to adjust my shutter speed to 1 second and took a pic of the train as it came in.
I tried leaning on one of the subway posts, but I couldn’t stay still enough. I think if I practiced yoga, I might have a steadier hand lol.

DSC02072 (2)I got off the train and I went into ninja stealth mode and crouched under the lower bar of a scaffolding and placed my camera – whom I named ‘Buddy’ – and I decreased the shutter speed and adjusted everything else accordingly. With as steady a hand as I could, I was able to get these two shots (which shows the effect I was going for, btw). DSC02078 (2)
DSC02107 (2)







I even took a few by the highway; which took forever because there weren’t too many cars at that hour lol.

I’m able to try things with this camera that I wasn’t able to do with my others. I’m having too much fun lol. Because of this, I’m going to take the time to reorganize my gallery/portfolio soon!

Next time, my tripod is taking the trip with me.