Living With HIV – Wayne Starks & Igor Sobolev Share Their Story

Contracting HIV/AIDS is a serious issue that effects us all across the world. Wayne Starks from NYC & Igor Sobolev from Estonia, with the help of BBC World Service, share their stories, relate and express their desire for more people to be tested.

I have met people that have contracted HIV/AIDS through drug use, a cheating spouse ((which is usually unexpected))
, a sex partner they felt they could trust, child birth, etc… &, like a broken record, they all believed it couldn’t happen to them..

Despite what U may believe, another similarity between them is that they are able to lead happy and productive lives. I cannot begin to imagine the ignorance they face on a daily basis. I know how much it hurts Me when someone says something ignorant because it reminds Me of the people I love that live with HIV/AIDS. I pray for the day people take the initiative to be properly educated before opening their mouths to speak on the topic..

Click the link below & listen to their discussion..

GET TESTED!!! Ignorance would lead people to believe that HIV/AIDS is limited to gay men, third world countries, African Americans and IV drug abusers. But reality should help U understand that it can happen to anyone..

Love 😉