Monica’s Album “New Life” BONUS TRACKS Reviewed By A.L. BURGOS!!!!!

So here is what I think of the bonus tracks on Monica’s new album “New Life”, due to be released Tuesday. There are 4 bonus tracks on the deluxe version and I know you wonder if it makes the album any better…And all I have to say is YES!!!…

The first bonus song is “Breathe”. At first listen I won’t lie it seems very dry and mediocre. After a couple of times of hearing it, I still won’t lie…it is dry and mediocre. The song is about separating from someone for a while to figure things out. I like the lyrics but they were written to a beat that is practically non existent. I don’t understand this beat at all, where the fuck is it?
“In 3D” starts off with a very familiar beat that you have heard before. Here she sings about a guy that she cares about so much but he can’t see what they can have. “Baby u dont see nothing u must be blind out ur mind up to something I see us so clearly it’s like 20/20 I see us In love like the people on TV I see us in 3D…I see us in 3D.. I see us together it look like forever I see us in love and don’t it look better in 3D” she sings in the chorus. Her voice in this song is so amazing and beautiful to me. I feel her pain as she sings about him! This song has made me cry the first time I listened to it and it is a great addition to the album!

“Catch Me” Monica sings with a mellow tone that makes your hair on your arm stand up! She wants to fall in love, but you have to catch her because she been through so much and she’s losing faith in it. Loving this man is so wrong for her but she can’t leave cause she wants to fall in love. The beat is so beautiful with her voice here. I love this song so much!

“Anything (To Find You)”, featuring Rick Ross was a hype single for the album! It was not a hit so it was scrapped and wasn’t an official single. I love the song. It is fun which the album needed. It’s not a club banger but the beat is a step up from the rest of the album. The song samples 1995 song “Who shot ya” by Notorious B.I.G and Diddy (which sampled the song “I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over” by David Porter). The song was suppose to feature Lil Kim but supposedly Biggie’s mom didn’t want Kim on the song so her part was scraped. Shame cause it was even better with her!

So as My closing statement I have to say that you should shell out some extra cash and get the Deluxe version! The bonus songs, minus “Breathe,” are worth the extra money I promise you. Overall, I still give the album 4 out of 5 stars!