“Hustles With Russell’s” – One Of Affion Crockett’s Online Series!!

Affion Crockett\'s Youtube

I like this series, so instead of posting the trailer, I posted the 1st episode.. Its funny & I’ve always thought Russ was funny.. He needs more views in order to take this series from the PC to the TV.. Let’s support great comics & make it happen!!

ALSO!!! The requested, awaited, MOST exciting mixtape EVERRRRR is coming soon.. Lol. Dont sleep on the Lady.. U’re going to LOVE what Kita Love Got for U!!

Love 😉

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… You’re Far Too Kind…..

Allot of people are listening, giving great feedback and asking for more..

I appreciate everyone for taking he time to listen to My songs, reading what I post & loving what I do.
Its humbling..

I just posted another song that’ll be on the mixtape. It’s titled “Carry Out (Remix)”. Its a remix of that Justin Timberlake & Timbaland joint.

I hope y’all have as much fun listening to it as I did writing & recording it..
As always…..

Love 😉

PS- My projects still open.. PRODUCERS< SEND UR BEATS!!!!! Go to the “Kita’s Contacts” page & email Me!!

Living With HIV – Wayne Starks & Igor Sobolev Share Their Story

Contracting HIV/AIDS is a serious issue that effects us all across the world. Wayne Starks from NYC & Igor Sobolev from Estonia, with the help of BBC World Service, share their stories, relate and express their desire for more people to be tested.

I have met people that have contracted HIV/AIDS through drug use, a cheating spouse ((which is usually unexpected))
, a sex partner they felt they could trust, child birth, etc… &, like a broken record, they all believed it couldn’t happen to them..

Despite what U may believe, another similarity between them is that they are able to lead happy and productive lives. I cannot begin to imagine the ignorance they face on a daily basis. I know how much it hurts Me when someone says something ignorant because it reminds Me of the people I love that live with HIV/AIDS. I pray for the day people take the initiative to be properly educated before opening their mouths to speak on the topic..

Click the link below & listen to their discussion..

GET TESTED!!! Ignorance would lead people to believe that HIV/AIDS is limited to gay men, third world countries, African Americans and IV drug abusers. But reality should help U understand that it can happen to anyone..

Love 😉