Phone Vs. Professional Equipment

You might love someone Instagram photos and their phone pics might work for social media..

But when it comes to QUALITY in addition to PURPOSE, being mindful about what you’re paying for is necessary!

Anyone can take a great pic, but will the quality of the pic get you the breakthrough role of a lifetime or that bartenders job you’ve been prepping for…

DSC02011 (2)


Here is a photo of my playful baby BLU taken with one of my Sony cameras. I took the time to put up lighting that’ll work with his amazing energy so that every angle IS the perfect shot. I gave him what he needed to be himself and he had fun with it. Also, using my camera made it possible for me to correct any lighting or angle issues, etc…so that I can enhance the quality of the “perfect shot”. I have more control when it comes to the quality, size, lighting, etc, or your image when one with my equipment (or any professional equipment, altogether).



This was taken with my Samsung Galaxy. My Blu was in a bit of an accident and his leg needed casting (he’s fine now, 100%). I took this photo of him with my phone and I love this particular angle. But I know that the quality of the image would fade as the image gets bigger. Although the camera on my phone is pretty amazing, I know that the quality will be an issue when I enlarge the photo. No matter how great I can increase the size of a photo, its not the same as taking it with my camera,





Most importantly, a video from my camera is no where near the quality of the 60 frames per second of my camera. It’s always a delight when I can manipulate my cam to do what I want it to do.

I appreciate how amazing the camera on phones are, but you have to go professional for headshots, reels, or professional images altogether!

It’s worth it! 🙂

“Hustles With Russell’s” – One Of Affion Crockett’s Online Series!!

Affion Crockett\'s Youtube

I like this series, so instead of posting the trailer, I posted the 1st episode.. Its funny & I’ve always thought Russ was funny.. He needs more views in order to take this series from the PC to the TV.. Let’s support great comics & make it happen!!

ALSO!!! The requested, awaited, MOST exciting mixtape EVERRRRR is coming soon.. Lol. Dont sleep on the Lady.. U’re going to LOVE what Kita Love Got for U!!

Love 😉