Happy Summer, little babies!!

I’m a summer baby. But I’m not a fan of the beach. This year, that might change ((ESPECIALLY ON CLOUDY DAYS, BECAUSE THEY’RE MY FAVVVVVVVVEEEEE))..


This is one of my favorite photos. It was pretty cloudy at that moment and I slowed down the shutter speed just a tad so I can get as much light as I can! I have so many photos to add to my project from this one place. It’s something special.

Here’s another one for you, just because!


((Don’t you hate it when someone walks into your shot!! But it still works :)))

Kita <3

Family, Friends, and Business

For the past year, I’ve been so hung up on gaining momentum and increasing revenue when it came to my photography/videography business. So much so, that it was a bit difficult to enjoy capturing moments and sharing my fascination with cloudy days, nights, and raw human emotion.

Any reference that I received from the few friends and family that made an effort asked me to work for free. Which, you’d think it’d be obvious how insulting that is. Whether you want photos to build a modelling portfolio, headshots for acting, to nail to your wall and throw darts at, to give as a super tacky gift, etc, etc… No matter what the photos are for, I’m taking time to be away from my family, carrying around expensive equipment from one location to the other, to utilize all of the skills I’ve learned to make sure you walk away with the best image possible. More often than not, the best of several images.

I start to wonder if they think I’m going to pop up with my phone and start snapping pics with my Samsung lol. Its a bit discouraging at first because any artist is overly critical of their work; even more so when someone tells you that your time and work is worthless by requesting free services.

But I’m back to basics and I’m going to continue to build with people that understand what I’m doing here! ­čÖî

The BEST thing that happened last year was the blueprint for the on-going projects for this year. Between the project with my author/best friend A. L. Burgos, my NYC shoot with my cousin Cheo, the NYC project I started with my dog, the dog shelter, etc, etc… I have A LOTTTT coming up for this year if all goes as planned.

DSC01896 (2)I’m looking forward to the session I’m going to have with A. L. Burgos for his third Book of Songs. We already have concepts that we agreed on, props, etc. It’ll be in somewhat of a songbook format. Just as emotional and heartfelt as his songs.

DSC02567 (2)



And shooting with Cheo is so much fun. He has no problem using NYC as his playground. Climbing in trees, posing with whatever construction crews leave behind, stopping whenever we like the way a building or open space looks… It’s always great when someone is willing to get as dirty and uncomfortable as you in order to get a really creative shot.

I’m fixing to work with a few other people in the same way and looking forward to just enjoying what I’m doing while more work comes my way.

I’m hoping I can get my short film going as well. It’s a short film that is extremely personal to me and choosing who to collaborate with was a journey and a half!

I’m so excited for what’s to come. It’s always good to have┬áamazing┬ápeople in your corner. So if a friend or family member is starting, rebooting, or pushing forward with a business…BE SUPPORTIVE! It doesn’t cost a penny┬áto repost their tweets or FB posts, post their link every once in a while, take a pic of them and post it while they’re working, read their blog posts (if they blog at all), browsse through their portfolio, and always let people know that there’s a fee before you refer them.

Freelance DOES NOT Free! Lol..

For anyone starting a business, don’t be embarrassed to draft an invoice or provide a quote. And never, EVER forget to appreciate those that stood in your corner and helped you move forward! You’d be nowhere without them.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your passion and make the best out of it.


Just Experimenting

Last night, I was asked to join a few friends for a quiet night out to celebrate a birthday. I wanted to take that opportunity to try out a few long exposure techniques I’ve been trying.

DSC02025 (2) DSC02023 (2)As you can see, I started out taking a few shots to see the differences between adjusting the shutter speed to one second, a minute, etc. Since I’m not a statue, I was hoping to also gauge how still I’d have to be if I wanted to take long exposure photographs without having to carry around my tripod (carrying around the tripod I have is farrrrr from ideal when meeting friends for a night out lol).
DSC02063 (2)

After a great time with amazing people, I went my separate way and decided to take a few shots. Besides the occasional group of cars, the streets were relatively empty last night. So I took this shot before going into the train.

DSC02068 (2)While waiting for the train, I finally worked up the nerve to adjust my shutter speed to 1 second and took a pic of the train as it came in.
I tried leaning on one of the subway posts, but I couldn’t stay still enough. I think if I practiced yoga, I might have a steadier hand lol.

DSC02072 (2)I got off the train and I went into ninja stealth mode and crouched under the lower bar of a scaffolding and placed my camera – whom I named ‘Buddy’ – and I decreased the shutter speed and adjusted everything else accordingly. With as steady a hand as I could, I was able to get these two shots (which shows the effect I was going for, btw).┬áDSC02078 (2)
DSC02107 (2)







I even took a few by the highway; which took forever because there weren’t too many cars at that hour lol.

I’m able to try things with this camera that I wasn’t able to do with my others. I’m having too much fun lol. Because of this, I’m going to take the time to reorganize my gallery/portfolio┬ásoon!

Next time, my tripod is taking the trip with me.