Its easy for me to be nice to nice people. I love nice people!

What I can’t stand are assholes…

Inconsiderate, self-absorbed, greedy, stuck-up, rude, conceited, negative, etc people.

Some people are so used to being negative that they take offense when told something positive. For example, if I say “good luck” and they reply with, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Like, wtf, it means good luck lol. Or if they ask how they look and I sImply say they look nice and they reply, “What? U don’t like it? U don’t sound enthusiastic.” Wtf do these people want?! A cookie?! A marching band?! Lol.. A person with low self-confidence will get shy and say, “Really?” But a negative person will argue with u because they think the compliments you give them aren’t real and your “hating” on the low.

They can’t even recognize genuineness and the term “hating” is thrown around too loosely. To say you have haters doesn’t even mean much anymore. Your “haters” probably don’t even notice your existence. Most people that say they have haters use that label when someone is telling them something real. I’ve heard someone call their guidance counselor a hater just because the guidance counselor told them they have to go to school to become an account. (I overheard this on the train during one of those rides when every device I had died and I didn’t have any music to listen to or books to read since I read ebooks now.)

Moving on..

And I know I’m not the only person that has given a compliment and had the person I just complimented put themselves down to intentionally force me to force-feed the compliment to them. Again, its obvious if a person is shy. If they’re just an attention-whore, they enjoy being force-fed.


Me: “Your hair is so pretty.”
Them: “Really? No its not.”

Yes it is! Say thank you and stop fishing for more because you won’t get much more out of me if you can’t accept the compliment with grace! Lol. There’s people that actually want people to describe in full detail everything that’s nice about it and everything that is better than your own shit. “Your hair has those natural highlights and mines doesn’t.” Please..

When someone compliments you, you thank them and genuinely compliment them back. Don’t be a bitch, pay it forward.

Another type of rude person that I can’t stand are people that swear they sit on a throne while everything and everyone comes to them.

There’s always at least one person that you tried to keep in your life (ex, family member, friend). So you call them, they don’t call you back. You try to carry a conversation with them, but its like speaking to a wall because they’ll ignore you or not regard what you’re saying. Or, best of all, you’ll accept the offer to go to their house and they’ll go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable.

Best way to handle them? Let them go!

Guaranteed,  they’ll start complaining about the fact that you’re not sniffing up their ass anymore lol. I actually heard one say he doesn’t want anything to do with his sibling because his sibling doesn’t seek him out. Basic common sense should help him realize, his sibling won’t stick around if he ignores them! Lol.. But common sense is obviously lacking.. :-/

I don’t want this to be too long because I can go on forever lol.

If you want to comment about a type of jerk u can’t stand, feel free!

Love 😉

Am I Taking This Too Far?

Someone asked me why do I get uncomfortable when guy friends start using the wrong terms of endearment (baby, babe, ma, mami, sweetheart, etc) and then cut them off.

I said its because it implies there’s more than just friendship there and it makes me feel awkward. Calling me sis, fam, cuz – I’m ok with that. But I fee like I’m being pushed up on when I’m being called more intimate terms of endearment and not all women like that.

They made the point that some guys call their sister’s or other family members that (I couldn’t even imagine lol) and that I might be wrong about their motives. I don’t deny that its a possibility because LL Cool J said “I love u baby” to his grandma in the song he did about her titled, “Big Mama (Unconditional Love)” featuring Dru Hill. But that his grandmother! Its different when said to a female friend. Soooooo….

I then replied with the fact that – if confronted – a guy would usually say they meant nothing and then stick around with the intention of trying to take my mans place if he moves on (this is based on the experience of being cursed out by a guy that kept calling me and said i led him on although I never chilled with him and I let him know “I do not want to be with u or anyone”).

Also, and most importantly, I think its disrespectful to my man, my relationship, and, therefore, me. Even if I wasn’t in a relationship and I don’t want that boundry stepped over, I feel its disrespectful to keep expect so much because it gives the impression that I can’t make my own decisions in my romantic life. I also think its dumb because although I am the one and only ME, and I definitely broke the mold lol, I’m not the LAST woman on earth.

Am I wrong in this? Because I damn sure don’t want anyone calling my man Xavier baby/etc even if she calls her own mama that lol.

A. L. Burgos’ Thoughts On Creating/Releasing His 1st Book!!


Author: Anthony Luis Burgos

Release Date: September 23rd, 2012 / 12am est.

Hey All,

I remember growing up me and a few people were alwaysssss writing. One of the closest people in the group of writers is my bestie Anthony Burgos. He would start off writing these INSANE books with crazy twists and turns and we’ll be on the phone all night while he reads what he wrote and I bug out at the crazy plot he’d come up with lol. After many attempts, he finally finished something that’ll blow your minds! This is a huge deal to me because I’ve been waiting for the day that everyone see’s how great and entertaining of a writer he is. So I can only imagine how excited he is since its HIS book!! Haha..

I took the time to ask him what he emotionally and mentally went through during the creative process… Writing an entire book can’t be easy! Here’s what he said;

Anthony: “I want to introduce myself, my name is Anthony Luis Burgos and I am an aspiring writer. As a young child I loved to write, it became a big part of my life. I am now 27 years old and have finished my book, the first book I ever wrote that I am self publishing. All my life I have had people tell me to publish my books but I never knew how to do that. I googled publishing and it seemed nearly impossible to get published. Now with the likes of Nook, Kindle and iBooks anyone can get your books published and make money from it. I finished my first teen drama book entitled “Sec4rets” last month and I am so pleased with it. The writing process was one filled with so many emotions. I went through being happy, angry, sad, confused, and lost. When I write I write for a reason and that is to have people out there relate to something, so when I wrote some scenes in my book I did cry. There were also times where I lost my way and felt like I wouldnt finish the book at all, I didnt know where I wanted the book to go or how I wanted the characters to be. I was in a major writers block point for about a whole month. I sat back and took that month off and just let ideas come to me, and low and behold they came like a tidal wave and I was back to writing my book again. As a writer I had my writing process in mind, not all authors have the same state of mind for their project but I had my way and it worked. At the beginning of writing I had the characters names, the storylines and the ending. I feel that you should have a ending before you start writing so that when you start writing you have a idea of how it should flow, so that it can get to that final chapter and final scene you have in your head. I may have changed some of the story lines a few from time to time but the ending always stayed the same in my head. The funny thing is that this is a teen drama series and I already have the ending for the final book (which is number 8 lol) and now I know what I need to do to get to that ending that i yearn to reach. Overall the writing process is very fun but at times can be very stressful because I do have friends waiting to read it and I dont want to let them down. I am excited for everyone to read it and I am already working on book 2 and have my writing process all in my head….ending and all…”

Make sure you support one of today’s struggling creative minds and GET THE DAMN BOOK!!!!! Enjoy the description below;


We all have secrets…

Mark, Tiffany, Kevin and Kim are best friends. When they enter High School together they find out that it’s not all fun and games as they find out that drama is involved. They must stick together to get through High School but when they start to keep secrets from each other,ones that can tear them apart, their friendships will be tested as the secrets come out. So will their friendships survive or will the secrets be too much and tear them apart? Let the secrets come out…

A little teaser from Chapter 2…

 “Today was such a great day.” Joseph said. Tiffany’s younger brother was so excited to be in Junior High School. He had met some new kids and they were all cool.

“I am glad you had a great day honey.” His mother, Cassie had replied.

“Yeah punk I’m happy for you.” Tiffany wasn’t really caring at the moment about her brothers first day of school. She was trying to control herself, a few minutes ago she had checked her Facebook. Mark had updated his status.

Mark Perez: So happy to be back home in NYC. Just came back from talking to my sis and she made me laugh and feel so much better.

She couldn’t believe that he had not called her or texted her to let her know he was home. She felt neglected.

“What’s wrong?” Cassie asked Tiffany

“Nothing mom I am okay.” She was obviously lying and her mother knew it.

“Listen, why dont you call him. I know he is your best friend but maybe he is going through something and needed time. Try to call him again.”

“I tried to call him so many times this Summer. I am so done with trying. He needs to call me now.” Tiffany kissed her mom and walked to her room.

She opened the door to her room and slammed it shut behind her. She couldnt believe that he would neglect her the way he was. She was there for him through so much. He was there for her when her father had died. They had their first kiss with each other. It was awkward afterwards but they still remained friends and loved each other. She was baffled by what was going on. She threw herself on her bed and stared at the ceiling. She closed her eyes when all of a sudden her phone rang. She didn’t even bother to look at the name she just clicked the answer button.

“Hello.” She said into the phone.

“Hi.” The voice replied back. She knew the voice. 


Mark sat there at his computer. Facebook still up and running.

“Hello?” He said into the phone waiting for the person to speak.

“Hi.” The other person had finally responded.

“I am so sorry.” Mark replied back.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Tiffany yelled back at Mark.

“I am so sorry for not calling you all Summer. I have been going through some stuff that I needed to work out.”

“That is no fucking excuse. I been calling you. I been trying to talk to you. I needed you.” Tiffany was irate.

“I understand that you are mad at me but I do need to talk to you about something. I want to talk to all of you about this but I want to talk to you first. This is really important.” Mark’s voice began to crack. He was trying not to cry. Tiffany must have heard it cause she calmed down.

“Well we can talk if thats what you want. I am still mad at you but I will always be your best friend.” Mark hoped she meant what she said.

“Thank you Tiff. I will see you tomorrow at school and we can talk. I love you have a good night.”

“Love you too jack rabbit.” Tiffany said as she smiled. Mark ended the call.

He put the phone down onto his computer desk and stared at Facebook. He was on George’s page. There was a picture of them that they had taken at a fair while he was in Pennsylvania. They both were smiling from ear to ear. They had their arms around each others necks. Mark smiled as he stared at the picture. Just then a icon appeared at the top of his Facebook page. He had received a private message. He looked at it and noticed that it was from someone he didn’t know. He didn’t recognize the name and there was a picture of a street sign that read


Mark opened it and there on the screen was something that scared him.

Hey there Mark. I know you and you know me. Right now I dont want you to know who I am but do know that I will be watching you. I know the reason why you left NYC and you make me sick. So just know that I will keep a eye on you and the truth always comes out in due time.

Someone knew the truth. Mark’s heart jumped in his chest and he felt sick. Someone was going to expose him. Someone wanted to ruin his life and his friendships.

Get the book!!!!!

Love ;^)

Early September Thoughts…..

Thinking About Where My Love Of Creating Music/Film Is Taking Me.. I Asked God For A Sign And He Gave Me A Message ON A Bottle… – Kita Love

I started jotting down a few thoughts a week or so ago about myself and my life so far. Somehow, what I was writing turned into a post!! I may as well put this site to use and share it…right?

Here it goes;

Let’s be real.. The past month & a half has been like watching an entire city crumble before my eyes. One thing after the other. Its astonishing more than anything. I’ve been able to step back & be amazed. & I *wink*, keep a *smile* on my face, & step over the rubble b/c I don’t forget that God always has a better plan than I do! Also, the there are things that have been going great as well! No matter the stormy weather, I definitely have to appreciate my victories…

You see, its the chaos that makes life beautiful!! Embrace it! Invite chaos in for dinner! Send it a family newsletter when its been gone for too long!
For without chaos, appreciating the greatness of life would be impossible!!

Life is a lot like snowdays. 
There’s this horrible blizzard, everything is buried under snow, everyone was able to rush to the supermarket before you got out of work the day before so now all you have is the left over non-namebrand cans of pea’s & carrots medley, 1 gallon of supermarket brand water, and tuna.
Next day, school’s are closed. MTA isn’t running, so you’re off from work, the moment you get bored of all the board games you go have an epic snow fight. & all great snow fights turn into a group effort to build a makeshift snow hill and get as many cardboard boxes, crates, etc as you can to use as a makeshift sled. To then run home & warm up with a movie, hot chocolate, comforters/quilts, etc. 

If all were perfect & beautiful, then life’s perfection & beauty will be nothing short of just plain ol’ ordinary. & who the heck wants ordinary?!?!

Do what you want, but not at the expense of others. Find something to laugh about when you’re sad enough to cry, & enjoy life enough to laugh to tears. Laugh at yourself, you’re frikkin’ HILARIOUS! Don’t be a doormat, but don’t be naturally defensive & standoffish. & if you refuse help, don’t claim no one is there for you or hate/blame those who you feel should be helping you. No matter how many years you’ve known someone, you never really fully know them until you witness what they’re capable of during their bad times. When you truly love someone, you don’t stop loving them during the bad moments. Celebrate the little victories because there’s so many of them and because its good practice for when it leads to the huge victory. Be yourself, no one can do it better. Don’t EVER lend your money to people that only contact you when they need something no matter how good friends you were in the past. & life is a never ending learning session! No matter what the age, there’s always something to learn, there’s always a life lesson! Evolve, change, grow, challenge yourself, & don’t be afraid of what that entails, embrace it!


Those are some of the things I’ve learned over the past 12 years. (No I’m not 12 lol)… Feel free to comment & share what you’ve learned so far..

Thanks for reading ;^)


Dawn Richard’s “Armor On” EP Reviewed By A.L. BURGOS

Album: Armor On (EP)
Artist: Dawn Richard
Release Date: March 27th 2012

So as you read this you might be saying, “Dawn Richard? Okay I know that name but who is she?!” Well let me clear that up for you before your brain starts to hurt.

Dawn Richard was simply known as “Dawn” when she was part of the girl group sensation “Danity Kane” and when she was 1/3 of Diddy’s group “Dirty Money”. Now since the disbandment of “Dirty Money” Dawn has left Bad Boy and has been releasing mixtapes. This album is a EP which is serving as an interlude to her actual album coming out later this year.

Dawn has been known for her R&B and Hip Hop and on this album it is R&B mixed with some robotic beats and vocals. Dont get me wrong she sounds amazing on this album but I feel she is using the auto tune and some robotic sounding shit that is not needed.

Dawn has grown musically on this EP from her old Danity Kane pop songs. Here she is singing about heart break and piece of shit men. On songs like “Bombs” and “Automatic” she is mad and she curses like a sailor. Now I love songs that have cursing in them and here, for her, it works cause I can feel her anger at the guy. So let the cursing flow!!

On “Black Lipstick” she is singing about a woman to a beat that seems so weird like it belongs on the Kanye West album “808 and Heartbreaks”. I am not saying that its not good because it actually is. Once again, it works for her and what she was going for on this EP. I dont know what she is talking about on this song I wont lie. Dawn sings, “She wears black lipstick on a renegade jacket.” I’m assuming this woman hurt her some how I dont know…”I must be color blind cause I’m bleeding black and gray”

On the song “Change,” the beat isnt as hard as the ones before it (its still some what hard) and she sings beautifully with a beautiful voice. “It aint change it aint still the same change, it aint change still the same, I still love you, like the angels do” The chorus is so beautiful. This song is a hit to me.

“Heaven” is a good song too. Here she goes back to the auto tune which can get so damn annoying!! LOL! The guy on the chorus is singing and he is sooooo auto tuned its not even funny -_-… The beat isnt anything special either, compared to the rest of the album.

My favorite song on this album is “Save me from you (Remix)” This song is so emotional. My hair on my arms stand up as she sings about a man that is not healthy for her and he tossed her heart in the flame. She needs to be saved from him and it feels dark and sad. I love this song. This is the stand out song on the album for me. No auto tune just a nice mellow beat and her amazing voice!!!!!

Overall this EP is a nice piece of work. It makes me so excited for the whole album later this year! I am just hoping that its not so much auto tune just the great fast dance beats and her amazing vocals.

4 Out of 5 stars. This EP is amazing!!!!!

Monica’s Album “New Life” BONUS TRACKS Reviewed By A.L. BURGOS!!!!!

So here is what I think of the bonus tracks on Monica’s new album “New Life”, due to be released Tuesday. There are 4 bonus tracks on the deluxe version and I know you wonder if it makes the album any better…And all I have to say is YES!!!…

The first bonus song is “Breathe”. At first listen I won’t lie it seems very dry and mediocre. After a couple of times of hearing it, I still won’t lie…it is dry and mediocre. The song is about separating from someone for a while to figure things out. I like the lyrics but they were written to a beat that is practically non existent. I don’t understand this beat at all, where the fuck is it?
“In 3D” starts off with a very familiar beat that you have heard before. Here she sings about a guy that she cares about so much but he can’t see what they can have. “Baby u dont see nothing u must be blind out ur mind up to something I see us so clearly it’s like 20/20 I see us In love like the people on TV I see us in 3D…I see us in 3D.. I see us together it look like forever I see us in love and don’t it look better in 3D” she sings in the chorus. Her voice in this song is so amazing and beautiful to me. I feel her pain as she sings about him! This song has made me cry the first time I listened to it and it is a great addition to the album!

“Catch Me” Monica sings with a mellow tone that makes your hair on your arm stand up! She wants to fall in love, but you have to catch her because she been through so much and she’s losing faith in it. Loving this man is so wrong for her but she can’t leave cause she wants to fall in love. The beat is so beautiful with her voice here. I love this song so much!

“Anything (To Find You)”, featuring Rick Ross was a hype single for the album! It was not a hit so it was scrapped and wasn’t an official single. I love the song. It is fun which the album needed. It’s not a club banger but the beat is a step up from the rest of the album. The song samples 1995 song “Who shot ya” by Notorious B.I.G and Diddy (which sampled the song “I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over” by David Porter). The song was suppose to feature Lil Kim but supposedly Biggie’s mom didn’t want Kim on the song so her part was scraped. Shame cause it was even better with her!

So as My closing statement I have to say that you should shell out some extra cash and get the Deluxe version! The bonus songs, minus “Breathe,” are worth the extra money I promise you. Overall, I still give the album 4 out of 5 stars!

Monica’s Album “New Life” Reviewed By A.L. BURGOS

Album: New Life
Artist: Monica
Release Date: April 10th 2012

The music industry has been on a downfall when it comes to R&B. All the greats from the early 90’s have disappeared and we been left with mediocre R&B artists. When an artist returns with an album we expect something amazing from them. Monica is about to release her new album “New Life” on Tuesday April 10th. All classic R&B fans and Monica fans are excited!

Monica was so well known in the 90’s. She released her first album “Miss Thang” in 1995 and it established her as a force to be reckoned with. Three years later, she released her second album “The Boy is mine” and it showed us that the little girl who first came out 3 years prior was all grown up. 2003 saw the release of her third album “After The Storm”. The album was critically acclaimed and spawned so many hits. Monica showed us she was here to stay. When you have so much success there comes a time when you fall and fail. “The Makings of me” was a album that failed to generate with audiences as well as her last album “Still Standing.” It seemed like her fans had given up on her. Now its two years later from her last album and “New Life” is about to hit the stores! Is it worth the buy? Here’s what I think:

With so many push backs her new album is finally almost here! The album comes in standard (12 songs) and deluxe (16 songs). The first official single off the album “It all belongs to me” features her old “The Boy is mine” partner Brandy. The song I feel is a continuation to “The boy is mine”. Instead of them fighting over the same man this time they are saying good bye to the scum bag who used them. “I know you’re mad/ Can’t take no more/ But put that back, that ain’t yours/ Have a fit, slam the door, But leave them bags on the floor/ That shit belongs to me/ Those clothes, those cars, those rings//
Yeah, that macbook, that shit belongs to me/ So log off your facebook/ It all belongs to me,” Monica and Brandy croon. Their voices have matured and they sing so beautifully together alternating verses and singing the chorus together.

“Daddy’s Good Girl” is an amazing song! Here she sings about a man loving her the way a man is suppose to. Monica sings, “Shopping sprees might make me smile for now but what about later?” As long as he is there then she will be “Daddy’s Good Girl” and she wont run the streets. Just tell her you love her and she will hold you down. I bet all you ladies felt like this before.

There is that old saying “What do you give someone who has everything?” Well Monica tackles that question in her song “Man Who Has Everything”. Monica came up with the answer and it is a simple one: LOVE…Her man has everything that money can buy but all he really needs is love from her… “You deserve to love someone who’s gonna love you back…cause even a man who has everything still needs something money cant buy.” This song is pure R&B from the beat to her voice. Love this song!

“Big Mistake” is a song that’ll hit home for everyone and I know it. The beat is so mellow and sweet, and her voice glides through the song with ease. She talks about a man that took up so much of her life for nothing. He was just scum and she wasted her time. “Make no mistake… you wont be my mistake no more” she tells him. This song will make people think about someone that they once loved and then realized that it was a huge mistake. I know I did! I needed this song!

“Take a chance” features Wale and it is a nice song. Nothing special but it does its job with pleasuring your ears. You know when you talk to someone new that they did things in their past and may have broke some hearts, but you want to take a chance and see what happens because it may be different with you. Wale is a great addition to the song. They actually work nice together.

The next few songs are all ballads and some of them work “Without you” and “Amazing”. They are both such beautiful songs that are sung with such passion that it hits your heart and makes you feel so warm inside! “Until its gone” is a great song about losing someone and not knowing they were great until they are gone. The last two songs on the album throw me off track. “Cry” and “Time to move on” feel so out of place and weird to me. “Cry” makes me want to cry and not in a good way, Lol! It just hurts me to listen to it! Like stop singing this song pleaseeeee!!!!! “Time to move on” is a okay song but the whole choir in the chorus throws me off and some what pisses me off. I just dont get it.

So as I listen to the album I feel that this is a great cohesive R&B album with great beats, great vocals, and great lyrics. It could have had a better ending to the album but I cant complain cause its only two songs I dont like here. So overall Monica is back and has returned to her roots of great R&B music! MAYBE R&B ISN’T DYING AFTER ALL!!!

4 out of 5 stars (PS this is my review for the standard edition not the deluxe so I dont know how the extra 4 songs are. I will update this once I hear the other songs)


15 Stupid Trends That Mankind Will Forever Regret…

Hey All…

I know the list of stupid trends is never ending… So many people want to be as “cool” someone else that they gravitate to the dumbest thing taking the world by storm at that moment… I’m sure U agree and would like to show Ur approvement. But please do not fist pump or say “owwwww” to every good point I make. I’d appreciate it.

With that said, here are the 15 stupid trends that I’m sure mankind will forever regret…

Saggy Pants…..

Why have a belt on if its not going to do its job??!
That shit is far from attractive..

Low-Rise Jeans With A Side Of Thong…..

Low-rise jeans deserve low-rise underwear…
Be a LADY!! Underwear’s intended to be a MYSTERY!!!

U hoes took it so far that they designed jeans
with the thong showing already ON it…SMH


I just seriously hate crocs…
How comfortable they are is not important..


There’s nothing worse than a pair of
athletes-foot-causing Uggs stained with rain water &
brown snow water… Because we ALL know they stink.. :(

Backwards Jersey…..

Someone helped him button this up…
And that someone is not a good friend..
Because that someone did not tell him how stupid he looked…..

White Boy/Girl Wasted…..

Yeah.. I can def see how they’re marriage material..

The Public’s Fascination With Groupies…..

The only difference between these hoes &
project hoes is that they pop up on google…
I’m sure the most reading they’ve done was
the label of a prescription bottle..
Therefore, I’ll gladly pass on any book coming from a smut.. Thanks.

Tats Of East Asian Characters…..

If U cant read it…Don’t get it tatted..
U can’t delete it…U’ll be embarrassed..
A little poem for ya 😉

Everybody Has A Hater!!!!!

Ok… These little boys probably have haters..
But if the majority of Ur day consists of
sitting on Ur ass, waiting till your EBT cash account
replenishes so you can pay your phone bill to tweet
from your second generation iPhone.. Trust Me when I say

Rhinestone Bandana Headbands…..

Don’t front… U know U had one..
U know U regret it… I know I did Lol..


I hope she fell, bumped her head and
came up with something better to do with
her free time… -_-




Many things wrong with this pic.. Her face,
I think there’s a clown behind her, everyone else is fully
clothed… If U don’t like something about yourself, change it in
REAL LIFE!! Not just in the digital realm..

Popped Collars…..

The caption says it all…

Skinny Jeans For Men…..

This is not about their music…
But I sometimes wonder if they were all bent down
because their pants won’t allow them to stand straight up.. :^/
Keep this fad up & all of U men are going to become sterile..
Let ‘um hang for the sake of mankind!!!!!

Love 😉

“A Plate Of Truth” By Maronzio Vance

He speaks the truth for those that remain mute… Like Plato.. Pun Intended

Make sure U take the time to go to his Facebook page & click on that “LIKE” button!!! ~> Maronzio Vance’s Facebook Page

Love 😉

Cmon Son 2010 The year in Review!

Ed Lover Wraps Up The Fuckery We Suffered Though In 2010…..
LmFaO!!!!! !!!!!@ What he said to Kat Stacks..